Fighting for Another Win

Fighting for Another Win
by Aish Abid

Toronto Raptors point guard, Jose Calderon took an elbow from Elton Brand below his right eyebrow Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Sixers, late in the second quarter. In a 99-78 away win over the Sixers, even with an injury, Calderon fought through the game and finished with 12 points and 13 assists, and played a total of 33 minutes. Calderon briefly left the game, and returned with four stitches and a bandaged eye. On top of his outstanding performance, he nailed a three late in the third quarter, allowing the Raptors to enlarge their lead and keeping the Sixers from catching up. “We keep competing. Every guy in this room is getting better and improving. We have to finish as strong as possible.” Calderon said in his post game interview. Although the Raptors season will come to an end soon, Jose Calderon devotes every inch of passion in him to the game, his team and to Toronto. Last nights win over the Sixers, makes this a three game winning streak for the Raptors. “I felt good out there and I wanted to give it a try after they stitched me up.” Calderon said. The Toronto Raptors are looking for another win; making it their fourth straight, Friday April 6th at 7:30pm as they host the Cleveland Cavaliers back in Toronto.



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