New Guy in Toronto: Jonas Valanciunas

I don’t even know where to start off with this guy. How about the 2011 NBA Draft? Let’s be honest when David Stern called up the 5th pick, no one knew who Jonas Valanciunas was. [Unless of course you keep up with the Euro league] So, anyone guilty of Google-ing Jonas V on Draft day? I admit, I’m guilty. But once I did my research on the Lithuanian center, I instantly fell in love. Not only because of his good looks but because of his skill and “fighter” approach. After a few more hours of researching and youtube-ing, I finally approved that this 20 year old is a perfect fit for the developing Toronto Raptors. He just has that perfect style of game to help the Raptors improve. He kind of reminds me of Andrea Bargnani, actually a lot. Bargnani has done a lot for the team, so no doubt that JV will do the same.

Although Mister Valanciunas made us wait a year before he decided to join the big league, he has really proved to all Toronto fans, and basically everyone else that he is ready for the NBA. During that time, and the off-season, Valanciunas was a named FIBA European Young Player of the Year and MVP in the VTB United League in February 2012. He won MVP again in the LKL All-Star game and also won the Eurocup Rising Star award in the All-Eurocup squad. And, he participated in the 2012 Olympics. [I know you’re all getting hyped to get him in Toronto already]

This young guy has the ability to help the Raptors and make the team stronger. I know I for one am more than thrilled to have October come faster so I can finally see Jonas in a Raptors jersey. If you’re late hopping the JV bandwagon, please do you’re research before he comes!

Basketball is like a “second religion” in Lithuania.



Hello readers, I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for reading my blogs!

I’m writing this blog especially for those of you asking what #HELLOAISH means and how I came up with it. It is quite evident from my blogs, Twitter and Facebook that basketball is my life. And, I’m assuming that if you are reading this, you’re a crazy basketball fanatic as well.

Anyone heard of #HelloBrooklyn? Yes, it started with the Nets. I tweeted #HelloBrooklyn a few months back, and got a reply from a follower. Can you guess what it said? #HELLOAISH. That’s right, it hit me right then, that that was a fantastic name for a blog.

I started planning out my blogging site and realized that every time some one comes up to me, I get a “Hey, Hi, Hello, Whats up Aish?” If you have ever talked to me, you would know that our conversations always end up with something basketball related. #HELLOAISH consists of my thoughts and opinions on basketball. In a way, I’m replying to a simple “Hello, Aish” with another basketball story.

There you have it folks, the story behind #HELLOAISH.

Must See: Kevin Garnett

If you’re a Boston Celtics fan; scratch that, if you’re an NBA fan, you have to watch Kevin Garnett – KG. I must say, KG’s journey to the NBA has been the greatest of all time. [So great, that I have deemed it my favourite NBA story] He has been a tremendous basketball player and athlete; 11 time all-star, Olympic gold medalist and of course, NBA champ. And, we all know he’s not done yet. I know for a fact that Mr. Garnett is one of the best in the league, maybe THE best. So, we know he’s great and that is why you should watch this documentary. Not only that, it’s filled with motivation and inspiration. Every step KG took brought him to where he is today. You need to see his journey as a teen athlete; it’ll make you realize how much talent you don’t have. No, I’m totally kidding. It’ll inspire you, and make you get off your lazy butt. That tall lanky teen crossing the draft stage in 1995 is just the beginning of a phenomenon. Follow his journey through his childhood, Chicago, Minnesota and Boston. I can assure you, if you love KG you are going to LOVE this movie. Go watch it now.

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