I don’t consider myself a writer, but I’m an NBA fan filled with passion. So this is me, spilling my passion on my site. If you read my blogs, you probably know 99% of me already. I’m a teen girl living a life full of basketball and well, basketball. “If you took my heart out it’d be a basketball.” [Nate Robinson]

Let me make this a little bit more ‘About Me’; I’m from Chicago Illinois but I’ve grown up in Toronto, which makes me half Bulls fan, and half Raptors fan. Actually, more than half Raptors fan. But, that’s not it, I am absolutely in love with the Celtics. Why? I don’t know, I just love them. By now, you know where I’m from and what I love. Actually, not quite. You need to know one more thing about me. I love love love point guards, more than anything. LOVE.

This was short, really short. But, I was able to tell you everything about me.

I need to make this a little longer. So, this site is filled with the latest buzz on the NBA. Trades, games, injuries, all that fun and exciting stuff. But, I do need to make one thing clear, I write about what interests me! Those of you who have similar interests, follow me!

Twitter @ashbash9



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