Hello readers, I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for reading my blogs!

I’m writing this blog especially for those of you asking what #HELLOAISH means and how I came up with it. It is quite evident from my blogs, Twitter and Facebook that basketball is my life. And, I’m assuming that if you are reading this, you’re a crazy basketball fanatic as well.

Anyone heard of #HelloBrooklyn? Yes, it started with the Nets. I tweeted #HelloBrooklyn a few months back, and got a reply from a follower. Can you guess what it said? #HELLOAISH. That’s right, it hit me right then, that that was a fantastic name for a blog.

I started planning out my blogging site and realized that every time some one comes up to me, I get a “Hey, Hi, Hello, Whats up Aish?” If you have ever talked to me, you would know that our conversations always end up with something basketball related. #HELLOAISH consists of my thoughts and opinions on basketball. In a way, I’m replying to a simple “Hello, Aish” with another basketball story.

There you have it folks, the story behind #HELLOAISH.