One word that sums up the entire season for the Toronto Raptors. Dedication. Back in October, we were all witnesses of the improvement shown by the underdogs after a 97-89 win over the Boston Celtics. The coaching staff, team members, fans, and training facilities were all committed to proving the doubters wrong – and they did. What an incredible 2013/14 season it was.


Despite the heartbreaking 104-103 loss against the Brooklyn Nets – the Raptors put in every bit of effort they could the entire series (4-3). With 6.3 seconds left in the 4th quarter and the game in Kyle Lowry’s hands, all of Toronto was silent but hopeful. However, with that missed shot and no calls, the ball was in the right hands at the right time. Lowry’s dedication and fight throughout the season was endless. These men, over a course of eight months have grown to become a team – and to work together in order to get results.


After many changes throughout the season – significantly the Rudy Gay trade, the team was able to build on what they had and make the most of it. Eventually, the Raptors found what they were comfortable with and went from there; ending their regular season 48-34. An outstanding franchise record alongside several other broken records and accomplishments – including the Raptors participation in the NBA all star game.


The devastating loss in the first round of the playoffs that ended the Raptors season ultimately ended the doubt many fans held. The Toronto Raptors are a strong team. And there’s no doubt about it. Game in and game out, the fight never ends.

See you back in October boys!